Types of Food Waste

We collect all kinds of food waste, the list below details some of the products that can be put in your food waste bin for recycling.

  • Fruit & Vegetables
    Out of Date, Damaged, peelings
  • Meat
    Out of Date, off cuts, small bones and carcasses
  • Tea & Coffee
    Tea bags, coffee dregs
  • Fish
    Off cuts, Out of Date, Bones, Frozen
  • Bread & Cakes
    Out of Date, Dough, Flour, Sandwiches, Pastries
  • Dairy Products
    Cheese, Yogurts, Creams
  • General Plate scrapings & Leftovers

Who we work with

Restaurants & Caf├ęs, Nursing & Care Homes, Food Preparation Businesses, Wholesale Food Suppliers, Schools & Colleges, Hotels & Holiday Parks, Office Complexes, Sports Venues & Stadiums, Retailers, Supermarkets, Bakeries